ALICE MARTHA brings a variety of colors onto the bags for each season through the design where classic and minimalism coexists. We want to tell the natural beauty with simple but delicate details.

Differentiation of ALICE MARTHA

DesignAll our objectives start from the basics. We pursue simplicity and brevity based on minimalism through design where classic and minimalism coexist.

Color variationColors representing four seasons to express various colors matching tone and tone and maintain the seasonal concept of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Rather than vivid colors that give a strong impression, we colored bags with calm and comfortable pastel colors.

Core valueWe research design that can show the original characteristics of the product by removing unnecessary elements. ALICE MARTHA offers a new design every season to value our customers' choice and provides this experience as a special pleasure in ordinary everyday life.

SustainabilityALICE MARTHA is against animal testing, and our products are made of vegan leather. We create a product that can be used for a long time, not just an easy-to-throw-away. Our goal is to keep our identity as a sustainable brand using eco-friendly materials.

IdentityWe constantly endeavor to accomplish the rationality of prime cost and consumer price with our 100% domestic production system. Our high quality and attractive design will fully satisfy the needs of the public.

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